Librarians Participate in Summer Reading, Too!

09 Jul

We couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun, so a few years ago, the staff here at the Azle Memorial Library started our own summer reading club.  We keep track of how many hours we read, and then at the end, whoever has the most hours read gets a small prize.  This year, we’re doing our own “pinterest” board of the books we’ve read by taping up pictures of the various book covers.  I suppose only readers will understand this, but there is something intensely gratifying about ticking off those boxes for the hours I’ve read and getting to print out a picture of another book.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a board like this after a lifetime of reading?  I wish I had kept a book journal with my very first book because I know there are countless books I’ve forgotten over the years.  It would be wonderful to be able to look back at the thousands of books we’ll have read by the time we’re older and think of the lives we’ve encountered, the places we’ve visited, and the knowledge and sympathy we’ve gained along the way.  We hope that the summer reading club not only encourages you to read more, and read more widely, but that it also helps you remember what you’ve read and be more conscientious and deliberate in your reading.

And speaking of reading more widely, if you received the five-hour prize, you should have noticed some different colored slips of paper in your bag.  Each slip represents a different genre of literature and another chance to earn a raffle ticket.  Keep track of the different genres from which you read by noting the book title and author and bring them to the Information Desk.  Also, be sure to check out our display in the library if you’re looking for different genre suggestions!  The last day to turn in reading hours is Wednesday, July 23rd by 6:00 p.m.

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