A Little Bit of Magic is Everywhere

26 Mar

Posted by Children’s Librarian, Nancy Novak:

18222556Those of us who work in public libraries are surrounded by words. We bask in their glow. They delight us at every turn. But imagine if you could actually see words swirling around people, near objects, in the air, everywhere. Then imagine that you could capture them and keep them close.

Such is Felicity’s gift in Natalie Lloyd’s debut novel for tweens, A Snicker of Magic. It follows Felicity as she tries to come to terms with loneliness, her father’s absence from her life, her mother’s wanderlust. She and her mother end up in her mother’s home town of Midnight Gulch, which was at one time a very magical place, but is now only a little bit magical. There are secrets here, hidden among the words Felicity sees swirling above the heads of the town folk and the buildings. She puts them down in a special book, creates poems with them. Ice cream flavors hold other secrets, both good and bad. Felicity makes it her mission to unlock those secrets and release the goodness within.

When I read a book, I often feel that I am discovering a secret through the words, that the particular order and number of words within a particular book is a key to understanding some truth. I don’t know how writers can work that kind of magic as well as they do, but I am certainly so appreciative of it. There are many books that have helped me grow in my life, many that have revealed something to me to make history or my personal experience so much richer.

Public libraries, by their commitment to full and equal access for all, possess much in the way of magic. Not just a snicker, which is Lloyd’s term for “a little bit.” No, public libraries offer a Grand Canyon-size amount of magic, in the words that reside on the shelves.

Taste the magic at Azle Memorial Library. Check out a book and engulf yourself with words.

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