Youth Services Coordinator

23 Mar

Posted by Beth McLemore:

I must admit to being a little stumped when I was asked to write a blog post. There were many things that went through my mind that I could write about regarding why I like my job. The first thought that I had was the feeling that I get when I help a child find the book they are looking for. I love to see their eyes light up! The wonder, excitement, and joy on their faces when they see the book is just something else.

The second thought that I had was of how much I enjoy being a part of the community. I enjoy my daily/weekly interactions with the patrons and getting to know each one.

However, there is one particular aspect of my job that stands out above the rest. I absolutely love being the Youth Services Coordinator. This part of my job allows me to not only plan programs for teens, but also to work with the teens to find out the types of things they would like to see happen. In December, I was able to start up the library’s TAG (teen advisory group). I am very pleased with the members who have joined and their participation. They are a phenomenal group.  Working with the teens and planning programs for them is very rewarding for me. Not only do I get to hear their input on books and topics, but I also get to see their creative wheels turn. Therefore, I can say without a doubt that the favorite part of my job is working with the teens.

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