The Importance of Libraries

21 Mar

Posted by Azle City Councilman, Rouel Rothenberger:

In 1987 my family moved to Azle from Port Arthur.  My wife and I were Azle ISD employees and education was very important to us.  We were glad to see that Azle had an existing public library so we quickly became supporters and Friends of the Library.  One of the most exciting occurrences in Azle since I became a City Councilman in 2006 was the gift of the Azle Memorial Library from the Rector family. What a delight to have this loving family be so generous.

A Pew Research survey in 2012 involving 2,500 people asked the question of the importance of libraries to their community.  Nine out of 10 said they considered the library ‘very important’  or ‘somewhat important’. Libraries today are more than a lender of books. Azle Memorial is a center for life-long education, shared enrichment and cultural experiences in personal and family lives. Kids of all ages can be seen in and around the library every day and all summer long, enjoying one of the many programs offered there.  The last 5 years has seen people from Azle and surrounding communities come together while viewing the beautiful building as a center of learning. This gift to Azle will continue to be a blessing to the community for years to come. I am praying for a blessed future for the Azle Memorial Library and the dedicated servants who staff the building.  A literate population is essential to the freedom of a thriving citizenry.

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