A Versatile and Fulfilling Profession

18 Mar

Posted by AML Staffmember Elizabeth Cameron:

I enjoy working at Azle Memorial Library for I find it to be both meaningful and fulfilling. I derive great satisfaction from working for an organization whose mission is to provide enrichment for patrons of all ages and giving access to information of all kinds: whether for leisure, work, or school. I appreciate the involvement in our local community and the variety of programs and activities that we offer. We help make a difference in people’s lives by enriching patrons with lifelong learning and information skills.

Our profession encompasses a wide variety of skills: books/reading, organization, technology, communication. This is one of the most versatile and multifaceted jobs that I’ve ever had. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of my work and diverse backgrounds of our patrons. I interact with interesting people every day, and assist patrons with all kinds of questions and needs. Teaching people how to find, evaluate, and use information every day is particularly rewarding, and I enjoy the sense of personal accomplishment I find in assisting others.

And last, but certainly not least, I learn each day from my wonderful colleagues. I work with some very thoughtful, engaged, and service-oriented people. My co-workers are intelligent and well-read women who bring a myriad range of skill sets and knowledge to their job. Most of us have degrees and/or work experience in other areas. This diverse mix of backgrounds, experience, and intellect provides a welcome sort of intellectual potpourri and helps ensure both a high level of competence as well as a fun and rewarding workplace environment.

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