Beauty to Be Found

10 Mar

Posted by Helen Fields:

In this fast paced, ever changing world, Azle Memorial Library is a remarkable service that offers the tools to keep up, or to slow down.

Internet access, Mango language learning, digital magazines, Tex-Share are just some of the online resources offering the latest information.  Hmmm, this sounds like a commercial.  I think I’ll take the slow road.

The first time I saw the new building my heart soared for this community.  I couldn’t believe this beautiful, peaceful treasure belonged to us. My goodness, there’s sculptures and etched glass before you even enter the library proper!  The beauty didn’t end there, though.

There was more beauty inside.  That’s where I found rows of old friends such as Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes.  Newer friends were there, too; James Patterson and Janet Evanovich among them.  I saw some names that I’m sure will become friends; Erik Larsen and Liane Moriarty come to mind.

I haven’t mentioned the real beauty I found, though.  It’s the staff.  The people that keep the library open for you and me.  Need information?  They’ll help.  A hard-to-find book?  They can probably locate it.  Library copy machine not working?  Yep.  They would be the ones to turn to.  Do I even need to mention all the programs they plan for us to enjoy?

Azle Memorial Library is a blessing.  My fondest memories are the people that made, and continue to make it possible.  My thanks go out to those folks.

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