It’s Party Food Time!

07 Mar

Party food flyerApproximately 2 1/2 years ago, we started offering a cooking program, affectionately known as “What’s Cookin'”, at the library. We are fortunate to have two kitchens and a willing staff who love to try new recipes (and more importantly, they’re usually happy to sample them, too!). We’ve hosted the Month of the Zucchini and the Month of the Peach. We’ve voted on the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie, and we found the perfect chocolate cake recipe. We tried dishes from Iran, England, and Germany. We’ve made challah bread from scratch and learned how to make great pizza dough. And because we’re librarians, the class is more than just about trying new recipes. We like to learn new things ourselves, and of course we love passing that knowledge on to you! So we also try to share the history of foods, how they’re made, and any useful tips we gained along the way.

And we plan to continue that tradition. So next Monday you’re in for a treat. This time last year, we were sharing recipes for the very best birthday cakes in honor of our 4th birthday as the Azle Memorial Library. We contemplated doing birthday cakes part two, but neither our hips nor our friends would have thanked us for that. I personally made so many white cakes that I actually started contemplating knocking on random people’s doors to see if they wouldn’t mind taking one off my hands. And while we’ll probably do part two in the future (how could we leave birthday cakes alone when we didn’t even touch carrot, German chocolate, or yellow cake?!), we decided to go with party foods for this go round. Which means we’ve been making yummy bread stuffed with cheese, herbs, and other good things, rolling meatballs, and trying chocolate chip cookie dough dip. After hearing that, how in the world could you even try to stay away? Plus, in honor of this great state we live in, we’re making Texas sheet cake for you! Finally, we’ll be sharing some party planning tips so you can plan your next fabulous bash in style. Join us Monday, March 10th at 4:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

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