Your Vote Counts!

06 May

For What’s Cookin’ next week, we really need your help.  See, we here at the library don’t like to settle for anything less than perfection.  Which is why we’ve set ourselves the task of finding the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!  But I don’t think a panel of just one or two judges can really declare a winner.  We need a lot more voters (i.e. taste testers) to make this official. 

Just like we did for birthday cakes in March, we’ve been sampling countless recipes and trying out techniques over the last few months to bring you some stellar, tried-and-true recipes.  And we’ve stayed up nights asking ourselves questions like, “Should I use all-purpose flour or bread flour?” “If I melt the butter, how much will that change the texture of the cookie?” and “Is it possible to make a healthy chocolate chip cookie?”  But I’m sorry, as much as I want to share our new found knowledge with you, I can’t, at least not via this blog.  You’re going to have to come to class next Monday, May 13th at 4:30 p.m. to find out the answers to these burning questions. 

If you do come, I can promise you some really good cookies.  I’ll be sharing our family favorite, which has made my mother famous in several states.  We’ll also be bringing you the now ubiquitous, tried-by-every-food-blogger-out-there New York Times‘ chocolate chip cookie recipe by Jacques Torres.  And we’ll share some techniques and ingredients you may not have thought of before (at least they were news to me!). 

So come one, come all, and be prepared to cast your vote for the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!  We can’t crown a winner without you.

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