A Good Run

11 Apr

silver linings playbook book coverI am surrounded by books all day.  I talk about them, check them out to people, buy them, and shelve them.  You would think I would never, ever want for a good book to read.  But it happens.  There are times when I cannot find one to save my life.  And now if a book doesn’t interest me past page 25 or so, I will give it up and move on to the next one.  Because life’s too short, you know?   

I had been stuck in the book doldrums for a week or so, trying to force myself to read a kind of “Economy for Dummies” book.  And I will finish that…at some point…I promise.  But I couldn’t stop myself from picking up Silver Linings Playbook.  And that book killed any doldrums I might have had.  I loved it!  It’s quirky and memorable (One of my favorite examples of the quirkiness factor is the fact that the main character has a major aversion to Kenny G, the jazz musician.  If he hears his music, or even any mention of the saxophonist, he goes postal).  I can easily see why it was made into a movie – there are lots of cinema worthy scenes and characters.  I finished that novel, and then, as is so often the case, I found three more that I loved and read in quick succession.

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – A misanthropic quadraplegic becomes friends with his new caregiver/companion, who’s determined to show him that life is still worth living.  It’s a sweet love story that makes one think about how fear can keep one from living so much of life.  It also deals with the right-to-die issue, which will have you talking, and possibly suggesting this one for your next book club. 

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy – I’m so glad I finally read a book by the famous Maeve Binchy.  Tragically, she passed away last year, so this was published posthumously.  It’s an engrossing story that discusses the lives of several people as they all spend a week one winter in a secluded inn on the windswept coast of Ireland.  It’s one of those books that leaves you wanting more after you’ve finished.  

Fever by Mary Beth Keane – This book is riveting.  I became absolutely immersed in the story about Typhoid Mary and her experiences as a cook and later a subject of ridicule.  In fact, to my utter surprise, I actually sympathized with her.  Keane is genius at this – she makes you feel for this woman.  I pictured Mary, a woman who was never sick with typhoid a day in her life, being told that she was a carrier.  And then being asked to give up the thing she was best at in the world, not to mention the fact that she loved it.  Mary is certainly flawed – usually imperious, demanding, and uncompromising and very rarely apologetic.  It’s a great illustration of how far we as humans can go in deluding ourselves and justifying our actions.   

So it’s been a good run of great books.  And luckily, all of these books are available at your local library!  Just click on the links to check out their status in our online catalog.  Happy reading!

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