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Happy Birthday, Azle Memorial Library!!!

happy bdayCome March 30th, the Library will turn 4 years old!  In honor of this milestone, we’ll be celebrating in style during the entire month of March (we here at the Library are firm believers that a birthday is too grand a thing to be limited to just one day). 

First up is the Library’s birthday extranvaganza on Monday, March 11th at 4:30 p.m. in our Community Room.  This is our monthly What’s Cookin’ class, and what else would we be talking about other than making layer cakes from scratch?  I know, I know, Duncan Heinz really has a good thing going on with their cake mixes.  I am absolutely not above using the box mix.  But I really think for something as special as a birthday, some more love and attention are required.  So we’ve been auditioning cake recipes for the last three months to find those cakes that are not only mind blowingly tasty but also gorgeous in appearance and not so difficult or time-consuming to make you swear off baking cakes from scratch forever.  We have gone through countless sticks of butter, cups of cocoa, and pounds of powdered sugar, all in the attempt to get luscious, tender, and velvety cakes.  We think we’ve finally succeeded, and we’ll be showing you three different kinds of cakes next week, so we’ll have something to please even the pickiest and discerning of eaters!  Actually, we’ll be doing a lot more than just showing – as always, we’ll have samples for you to try!  So please come prepared to eat, at the very least, three pieces of cake next week.  You know calories don’t count on birthdays, right?

We also have a display you really need to check out at the Library.  It’s a celebration of the Library’s history and showcases some of the Library’s important events and programs, complete with some wonderful pictures. 

Interested in giving the Library a birthday gift?  What better way to give than to become a Friend of the Library?  Individual annual memberships are only $5.  If you’d like more information, please inquire at the Information Desk.

The Library’s birthday is really your birthday, because you’re what makes the Library something wonderful.  We can’t thank you enough for your continued support through the years, which you have demonstrated with your generous donations of time and money and attendance at our programs.  Here’s to many more exciting years to come!

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