Lisa Gardner’s “Touch and Go”

08 Feb

Book Review Touch GoI’m talking to fellow readers, so I’m fairly certain you’ve experienced this before – that feeling when you’re reading a really good book and you want to do nothing else but read – not even sleep, work, or play, just read.  I stayed up way too late last night finishing Lisa Gardner’s Touch and Go.  I’ve not read a book by her before, and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to branch out and read from different authors and different genres.

I’m so glad I did!  This suspense novel centers around a very wealthy Boston family abducted from their home in the middle of the night.  To any outsider, the family appears to be perfect:  a loving mother, a doting father who has made millions in the construction business, and a beautiful teenage daughter.  However, once several detectives and FBI agents start questioning employees and family friends, they soon discover that this family has quite a few secrets.  Could one of those secrets be the key to their abduction?  

Gardner takes the reader from one story to the other – we get to see what the family goes through during their abduction and what the detectives are doing to find them.  Some of the drama is overwrought, but for the most part, it’s just plain suspenseful.  I felt for the family as they struggled to keep it together during their captivity while dealing with some fairly traumatic personal issues (cheating, drug abuse,etc.)  The mother, Libby Denbe, is particularly likable.  She’s got a fierce maternal instinct and a strong will to survive.  She’s also recently caught her husband cheating, which makes her highly sympathetic.  It goes to show that no one is ever truly as they seem.  We all have secrets, and those secrets can often bring destruction to those we love most.

Come check out this new release or one of the others we’ve recently purchased at the library.  We’re always adding new titles to our collection!

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