Review of “Overseas” by Beatriz Williams

01 Aug

I don’t usually read romance novels.  I don’t have anything against them – I just prefer to read from other genres.  So I’m not quite sure what prompted me to pick up Overseas by Beatriz Williams, but I’m sure glad I did.  It was absolutely addicting, with plenty of mind-bending twists.  It is a true romance that transcends both time and space (I mean this literally – time travel is involved).  Kate Wilson is a financial analyst who has sworn off any kind of a relationship with a man so she can focus on her career.  Julian Laurence is a spectacularly successful hedge fund owner and British billionaire who, upon meeting Kate, turns his attention on her like a laser beam.  She melts under his attention, and they quickly fall in love.  However, Julian has an extraordinary secret that he can no longer keep from Kate.  Will she be able to bear the truth when she finds out?  And to what lengths will both of them go to protect their love?

I suppose I enjoyed this so much because I ended up caring about both of the main characters.  The book reminded me a little of all of the vampire romances being written – very nice girl meets very hot vampire, who is perfect and also very, very protective.  There are no vampires in this, though, and Kate is actually not annoying but rather likable.  Their romance is a sweet one, and I found myself rooting for it to work up to the very last page.

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