DIY Coasters

22 Jun

I will admit that I am not much of a crafter.  I unfortunately did not inherit the I-will-now-transform-this-ordinary-towel-rod-into-a-beautiful-headboard gene from my mother.  For me, walking into Hobby Lobby is as equally overwhelming as walking into Home Depot.  I’m pretty sure it’s clear by the look on my face that I have no idea where to go (just an aside – those places really could use better signage).  But, this post is really meant to reassure all of you out there who run screaming from any DIY project.  The one we’re planning to do next week at the library is easy, and sure to be fun!  We’re making our own coasters, and the library is providing all of the supplies.  It’s free, there’s no need to register, and the crafting starts Thursday, June 28th at 6:00 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

Here are the details:  We’re each going to make a set of four coasters.  We’re calling this a book craft, so if you want to pick out your favorite book covers, that’s great.  However, you can use any image you want – just make sure that it’s 4 inches by 4 inches and that it’s printed out on a laserjet printer (the printers at the library will work for this project)!  We will also have some images for you to use.  I’m personally torn between using my favorite book cover art and using photos of my ridiculously cute nieces and nephews.  I have a feeling I’ll have to make a few sets at home.  The class has room for 30 spots, and it’s first come, first served, so get here early!

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