Summer Reading Is for Everyone!

04 Jun

I grew up down the street from our local library.  I remember walking there in the summer to participate in their summer reading club as a young girl.  The librarian would quiz me on the books I read, and she was demanding!  If she thought I hadn’t thoroughly understood a book, she’d make me go home and read it again before I got credit for that one.  I can remember looking forward to summers for many reasons, but what got me most excited was summer reading.  I loved discovering new books and talking about them.  And of course I loved the prize part!

The Azle Memorial Library is proud to continue the tradition of summer reading.  But this year, we’re doing it for all ages!!  Our summer reading club officially starts tomorrow, though feel free to stop by today and register.  There’s a club for kids, one for teens, and this year we’ve added one for adults, too.  Get more details here, or feel free to call or talk to someone at the Information Desk when you visit the library.  We’ve got exciting events planned, including Tuesday performances in June for the kids, Wednesday storytimes, a lecture on Impressionist paintings, and a book craft for adults.  Plus, every club has their own End of the Summer Reading Club finale party.

So please join us this summer as we celebrate the joy of reading.  And I promise, we won’t quiz you on what you read!  Though we’re always happy to talk books with you.


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