New Tricks

16 May

Posted by Azle Memorial Library Director, Curren McLane,

The Azle Memorial Library receives a variety of patron requested materials on a regular basis. We encourage these requests because they are your way of telling us what you want the Library to offer! Last month an item was requested that I had never heard of – series one of the British TV series, “New Tricks.”  Being a bit of a British TV fanatic, I was shocked to find a series that was new to me. After reading reviews and discovering that this show is not only very popular, but already has seven series (the British term for seasons) on DVD, I placed the order for series one. The show features a police detective who has had a bit of bad luck in her career and is assigned to a new cold case unit. Unfortunately the police department does not have enough personnel to staff her department so she is forced to re-hire retired detectives. Although the retirees have a multitude of experience to draw on, their techniques and skills are rather…out dated. Their various age-related health concerns also throw a curveball into the plot.  Yet they get the job done! Each episode features a new cold case that the team solves using unique skill and a bit of humor. So if you like detective shows, or are just a fan of British television, check out “New Tricks” from the Azle Memorial Library. And let us know what you think! Your requests (just fill out a Library Material Request Form at the Information Desk) will help determine if we purchase more seasons of this show and other DVDs in the future.

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