Review of “Afterwards” by Rosamund Lupton

03 May

I left town this weekend and took Rosamund Lupton’s newest book, Afterwards, with me.  There was no way I was leaving it at home.  In fact, for once, I didn’t mind a long layover because it meant I could finish the book in one day.  And then I pressed it on several people, including my mother, who because she didn’t have time to finish, skipped ahead to the end.  She has literally never done that with a book in her life, so to say that you really can’t wait to find out the ending is saying something.

Afterwards is the story of a mother who rushes into a burning school building to rescue her daughter.  They both sustain life-threatening injuries, and the rest of the book centers around the investigation into the fire.  Was it an accident?  Or was it arson?  Everyone is a suspect, and no one is who they seem.  There is more than one red herring, and the twists and turns keep you guessing.  I instantly fell in love with Lupton’s writing, especially her evocative portrayal of the love a mother feels for her daughter.  One of the beginning scenes portrays a rush of mothers running toward a burning building to rescue their children.  I have a feeling her images will stay with you, and it’s rare that you get a mystery that is also this well-written.  Check it out today!

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