The Girl on Fire

02 Apr

I’m sorry, I know I just blogged about The Hunger Games for our book club, but I couldn’t not write up a quick post after I saw the movie this weekend.  A bunch of us from book club actually went together, which was a lot of fun.  I have to be honest – I don’t usually have very high expectations about movies that are adapted from books.  I still have yet to see “How Green Was My Valley” because there is absolutely no way the movie will ever compare to my favorite book of all time.  I also wasn’t crazy about some of the casting, so I was okay to wait an entire week before going to see the movie.

I have to say, though, that I actually really enjoyed it.  From the very beginning, I was struck with the sheer sorrow and desolation that people living in the Districts faced.  I instantly liked Katniss, who was so fiercely protective of her sister.  I thought Stanley Tucci and Elizabeth Banks did incredible jobs playing Caesar Flickerman and Effie Trinket, respectively.  I wish Cinna had been given more of a role, but Lenny Kravitz did a good job whenever he had screen time.  The only person I was not a fan of was Peeta.  I had imagined him differently in my mind, and I don’t think he did a good job of showing his true feelings for Katniss.  I also wish they had spent more time on the food.  The food that Katniss gets to eat while traveling to the Capitol and training was a big part of the book, and there was no talk of her favorite dish, lamb stew!  The dress, hairstyles, and makeup of people living in the Capitol were appropriately flashy and ridiculous, though I thought the special effects for the fire costumes Cinna designed for Katniss and Peeta were terribly done.  The fire just looked really fake.  All that being said, the almost 2.5 hour film went by very quickly, and I’m already looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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