A Present That Lasts

09 Jan

By now your Christmas decorations are probably packed away, and we’re already seeing Valentine’s Day candy and decorations in the stores.  I always go into a slight depression after Christmas ends because the gift giving, cookie making, and party going is over.  I bet, though, that many of us are still getting some good use out of some of the presents we received, especially if you were gifted some books over the holidays.  I’ve been reminiscing about some of the books I’ve received as presents over the years, and they’ve been many.

The one I remember best, and most fondly, was a leatherbound edition of all of the “Little Women” novels.  I went through a slight “Little Women” obsession when I was younger, convinced I was going to grow up like Jo March and be a writer.  I fell in love with the movie version and read all of Louisa May Alcott’s books.  I can still remember what the edition looked like that I first read, which I checked out from my school library in elementary school.  The edition I received from my parents was a lovely maroon color and edged in gold.  I was always slightly scared to read it for fear that the gold would rub off.  I took such loving care of that book and still have it to this day.  I plan to pass it on to my children.

So what books have you received over the years that still mean something to you today?

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