Jail Break

09 Sep

Posted by Curren McLane, Library Director

My dad and I are very different from each other. He loves antique cars, tools, and most any hobby you can do in a garage. I, on the other hand, can’t identify a car unless I see the model written on it, own about 5 tools, and avoid my garage at all costs. I love cooking, crafts and painting, whereas my dad’s interest in these hobbies is non-existent. Yet despite our differences there is one distinct thing we have in common: we both LOVE old prison movies.

My dad was a prison guard for a few years before I was born, and I grew up hearing him retell the more humorous stories he experienced while working as a guard. Though it was only a temporary job, being a prison guard made a big impact on my dad. Later, life drew him to work with prisons in other capacities, and to enjoy prison related movies and documentaries. When I was a bit older, our family would often watch a classic prison movie during family movie night. And even though I probably would have rather watched a chick flick, like any self-respecting teenager girl would, I really did enjoy the movies he chose.

Now that I am older I enjoy the movies more than ever, and my dad and I frequently watch them when I come home to visit. Classics like, “The Great Escape” with Steve McQueen, “Cool Hand Luke” starring Paul Newman, and “Escape from Alcatrez” rank at the top of our favorites list. It’s nice to have something to bond over with my dad, even if he does retreat to the garage when the movie ends, while I go to the kitchen to bake muffins.

So if you’re planning on borrowing a movie from the library, why not take a suggestion from dad and me and get a classic prison flick? You just might like it…

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