We Will Never Forget

08 Sep

My parents said they’ll never forget where they were when Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon.  They’ll forever remember where they were when they first heard that President Kennedy had been shot.  On September 11th, I was in line at McDonald’s, grabbing breakfast before my first class of the day.  There was a TV mounted on the wall broadcasting the news.  I saw the first tower already damaged and watched as another plane flew into the second tower.  I walked to class in a daze, unsure what these events meant for our country.  I remember being upset that my professor didn’t cancel class or at least spend the class time discussing what had happened.  No one wanted to concentrate, and I was relieved when I was finally able to walk home.  I rushed back to my dorm so I could watch the news and talk to my roommate.  There was so much uncertainty, fear, and confusion immediately following 9/11, but I also remember an outpouring of love and support and patriotism.  

Much will be written about this time in our country’s history.  To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks, publishers have recently released several books for juveniles and adults.  I hope these books ensure that we never forget what was done to us and perhaps put some things in perspective.  I think preserving our own personal memories is just as important.  So I encourage you to write down what they remember from that time.  On the morning of September 11th, what were you doing?  Where were you?  What were you feeling?  I know that will help me remember that September 11th is not just like any other day, but a day we set apart as something that demands a special consideration and respect for those who lost their lives

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