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Summer Reading Draws to a Close

We just wanted to thank everyone who participated in making our Summer Reading Program such a success this year!  We had 674 children register, and they managed to spend 109,870 minutes reading 10,303 books.  Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Thanks to the parents who encouraged their children to read and who brought their kids to the library to check out more books.  We in particular want to express our appreciation to our many wonderful sponsors who made it possible to have such exciting performers come and entertain us and who allowed us to give away some special prizes.  Finally, I wanted to send a big shout out to our fantastic Children’s Librarian, Nancy Novak, who dedicated herself to making this summer such a great one for the children of Azle.  Nancy, you’re the best!

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Review of “Elizabeth I” by Margaret George

I always like the idea of sinking my teeth into a good book – one that really demands that I pay attention to savor every beautiful detail.  “Elizabeth I” turned out to be just such a book, though it started out a bit slow.  However, it quickly picked up, and I found the story inside to be as lovely as the outside cover. My education on that time period has been sparse, so I admit to the inability to know whether or not Margaret George is entirely accurate, though all my research seems to show that she does HER research, too.  This book, though it is a tome, does not attempt to portray the Queen’s entire life.  It begins in 1588, with Spain attempting the first of many tries to invade England.  The dramatic struggle between the Protestant and Catholic faiths is discussed, as is the long love/hate relationship between the Queen and the Earl of Essex, a vain, incompetent soldier who fails spectacularly in all his military endeavors.  He actually ends up being put to death for planning and trying to enact a rebellion against the Queen, even after he had been a favorite of hers.  It is this part where the Queen’s humanity shines through.  According to George, the Queen gave the Earl every possible chance to succeed and agonized over her decision about what to do after he became a rebel against the throne.  Margaret George portrays the Queen as a noble and just woman, one who truly believed she was divinely chosen to rule England.

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Announcing the Main Street Book Club

 Azle has a new book club, and it’s at your local library! Come join the Main Street Book Club the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Our first meeting is August 16th, and we’ll be discussing “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. According to the Atlanta Journal, “this heartbreaking story is a stunning debut from a gifted talent.”  The book is being made into a movie, which opens August 10th.  We’ll have two free movie passes to give away as door prizes to one lucky book clubber.  Even if you can’t find time to read the book, please feel free to come anyway.  We’ll have good food and discussion!  Book Club Flyer

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Welcome to the Azle Memorial Library Blog!

We’re so excited to begin our new blog!  We look forward to discussing books, movies, library programs, and everything else under the sun.  Be sure to check back often to learn about upcoming events and to read our book reviews.  We look forward to hearing from you!    

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